Pumpkin Molasses Cookies

These cookies are exactly what I think of when daydreaming about fall comfort food… pumpkin, molasses, and warm spices. Brew yourself a pot of coffee and make yourself a batch of these cookies ASAP. Seriously! I mean it is national homemade cookie day after all. 😉 As a kid, I never really appreciated the flavor of molasses but now I

Healthy Road Trip Trail Mix

I can’t believe Will and I get married next week! On Friday, we leave for a two week cross country road trip that starts here in Chicago and takes us east to Pennsylvania, south to Memphis, Austin, Albuquerque, LA, and then north again to Seattle. I am so excited to celebrate our marriage with good friends and family along the

Ginger Apricot Muesli

This vegan ginger apricot muesli is officially my new favorite thing. Will and I are heading out on our 2 week wedding cross-country roadtrip in just two weeks so I have been trying to come up with some healthy food we can pack with us in the car. This muesli is just perfect for on-the-go! Just divide single portions (~1/2

Vegan Pumpkin Chickpea Curry

As life gets busier in the Fall, keeping a few no-fuss meals stocked away in your freezer can keep you on track with your healthy diet. Luckily, you’ll get plenty of ideas today with this healthy freezer meal Recipe Redux roundup! As a family of two (plus a fur-baby), we often have some leftovers hiding out in the freezer for