Summer Harvest Vegan Pasta

This summer harvest vegan pasta is the perfect dish for a weeknight when you don’t have a lot of time to get dinner on the table and a drawer full of veggies that are about to turn. Don’t let those veggies go to waste! To make the sauce, you just sauté all your chopped vegetables together in a large skillet and

Tofu Breakfast Tacos with Coconut Bacon

Put these tofu breakfast tacos with coconut bacon on your schedule for dinner tomorrow night for Taco Tuesday! The inspiration for these simple, yet delicious tacos came from a similar taco I had from the Vegan Nom taco truck in Austin, TX. Which is fitting for this month’s Recipe Redux theme for a vacation inspired recipe. Will and I were

Roasted Red Pepper Risotto

You may be familiar with coconut water as a great option for staying hydrated during or after a tough workout, but did you know you can (and should!) cook with it as well? This simple roasted red pepper risotto uses coconut water in place of broth. Why? Well, coconut water is packed with electrolytes like potassium and has a neutral