10 Link Tuesday: Happy November!

10 Link Tuesday

Just wanted to catch up and share some of my favorite blog posts from the last week! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you that there would be lots of pumpkin-related recipes!

  1. I would love a bowl of this pumpkin curry bisque right about now.
  2. Love this peanut butter-y spin on snickerdoodles from Nutrition Nut on the Run.
  3. I must give these flourless pumpkin spice chocolate chip mini muffins a try!
  4. Mmm… yes, another soup recipe! This carrot coconut soup is on my to-do list.
  5. This pomegranate, kale, and wild rice salad with walnuts and feta is. just. beautiful.
  6. I’m obviously in the mood to make muffins! Totally drooling over these pumpkin toffee chocolate chip ones.
  7. To help you burn off all those muffins and cookies, here’s a tabata challenge workout from Carly at Snack Therapy.
  8. Love this healthy spin on a classic dessert –> chocolate dipped buckeyes.
  9. These Italian bean balls with spaghetti squash look delicious!
  10. Thinking I need to try this dairy-free almond cacao smoothie for breakfast sometime this week.


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