Vegetarian Meal Plan with Veggie and the Beast

Vegetarian Meal Plan with Veggie and the Beast

This week’s vegetarian meal plan features recipes from Katie’s blog, Veggie and the Beast. In addition to her fabulous recipes, one thing that kept me coming back to Katie’s blog was hearing about how another veggie/meat-loving couple coexisted. (Will and I aren’t the only ones!) Below, were my 5 top choices for seasonal recipes from her lovely blog for this week. (It was really hard to choose!) In addition to her blog, Katie is also working on a high protein vegetarian food cookbook which sounds awesome so follow her blog to get any updates!

Meal Plan for the Week of August 17 – 23

 Farmers Market Shopping List

Here is a convenient printable shopping list to take with you to the Saturday/Sunday morning farmer’s market. The portions on the list will allow you to make each recipe for at least 4 servings so adjust if needed. In addition to market produce, you’ll find a list for any store items or pantry staples you will need for any of the entree recipes this week. Pick up additional ingredients for side dishes based on my suggestions above or your personal preferences. To get a printable version of the meal plan and shopping list, click this link –> Veggie and the Beast Meal Plan PDF

Vegetarian Meal Plan with Veggie and the Beast Check back next Friday for a meal plan featuring recipes from Eating Bird Food! Do you have a favorite food blogger you would like to see featured here? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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